By road, by air, by sea or by foot!

Lucinda can help you with your journey.  Your local native English speaking contact.

With 30 years in the travel & tourism industry Lucinda has a in-depth knowledge of the business.  

Lucinda has been in the travel & tourism business since 1989.  

She started  her career working for Coach Europe,  (ILG. International Leisure Group) as a coach courier taking UK holidaymakers to their European destinations.   

 Lucinda took to the skies and started working as Cabin Crew out of London Gatwick Airport for Air UK Leisure (long haul) & Air UK (short haul).   

Lucinda has travelled around the world performing on board various luxury Cruise ships.

Lucinda works as a Gotland Guide for Gotlands Museum, Gotland Excursion,  Gotland Guide & Kryssningsservice & Hansa Event.

Lucinda has just become one of the first authorised  SveGuides on Gotland. 

(The Swedish Tourist Guide Association).

She is also an authorised Gotland Guide & Gotlands Museum Guide and a member of the Gotland Guide Association.

"Gotland is a magical place with so much history and I look forward to sharing it with you."


"I just wanted to thank you for the excellent guide Lucinda that we had on Monday evening in Visby!! She was absolutely lovable, highly professional and the best guide we ever had! Everybody loved her and we spent the rest of the evening admiring her way to express herself and keep us totally focused."

Lucinda  guides in English.  If you are interested in hiring Lucinda as your Gotland Guide then please contact her via